What our customers say

It’s great having Jones, the Butcher as our local butcher.  They supply us with great value quality meat delivered to our door the next day, very friendly staff in the shop and super customer service! Highly recommend!

Clem Forester
Chef/Owner, Kitchen Party

We have used Jones the Butcher day one – the quality of meat and the service are fantastic. In the
start it was hard to estimate what we needed, Jones, the Butcher were fabulous in responding to last
minute panic meat deliveries! Having a reliable and excellent quality butcher has been amazing in
our early days!

Asma Khan
Head Chef/Founder, Darjeeling Express

By working closely with the team at Jones, the Butcher, we have been able to develop and evolve
our menu. Always being able to rely on impeccable & consistent quality.

Tim Lees
Founder/Director, Dip & Flip