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A whole Leg of Shropshire lamb. We take out the aich bone and trim off the knuckle so its ready to go when it hits your doorstep. We can butcher this in any way for you, just tick the box at checkout.


Weight per pack: 2.8kg



If you have specific butchery instructions please add them here

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Portion Guide
Additional information

Jones, the Butcher is now offering Home Delivery. Simply choose your meats and get it delivered on a date that suits you.

The following Portion Guide should help you when ordering:

Type of cut Recommended portion size per person
Leg (Avg. 2.5 – 3.2kg) Feeds 5 – 7  people
Shoulder (Avg. 2.0 – 2.8kg) Shoulder (Avg. 2.0 – 2.8kg)
Feeds 4 – 5  people
Chops/Cutlets 2 – 3  per person
Dice/Mince 180 – 200g  per person
Rump (Avg. 400g) Feeds 1-2 people
Leg Steak (Avg. 250g) 1 per person
Boneless Roasting Joint Leg/Shoulder/Breast 180 – 200g per person
Shank (Avg. 600g) 1 per person
Pack size

Half, Whole